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Australian Events’ managing director Bob Carroll at the Surat Basin Energy and Mining Expo event last year.

Surat Basin set to surge

MAJOR Projects Report finds that the Surat Basin was set to become one of the State’s biggest boom areas.

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TrainsMP - Wilsonton

It's always nice to hear people being positive about the future of our Region & unfortunately you will always find the knockers. What is need is for every one to write or email the new Minister that it money badly needs the to be spent in both the...



The five steps you need to take to become wealthy

PREVIOUSLY I talked about the components of wealth and money is an important one. The most common question I hear is: “What should I do with my money?”

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terry01 - Harristown

In practical terms, how do I get wealthy? 1. Get a job, (preferably be a politician). 2. Avoid paying tax. 3. Make sure you get a job with an expense account so you can live off it (you know, like politicians) 4. Make sure if you cant be a...

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Your domestic environment will only give you back exactly what you put in. If you feel uncomfortable or disconnected from those you live with...

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