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Bombardier Transportation's factory March St in Maryborough will be downsized and closed.

Rail against jobs going elsewhere

EDITORIAL: The closure of the Bombardier factory in Maryborough is a vicious blow for the area and one that didn’t necessarily have to be.


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maryrose - Torquay

It would be impossible to live in Australia on sweatshop wages. plus if wages were lower it would affect the economy because people couldn't buy very much.................. What scares me about all manufacturing closing down here is if the fools who...

Bill Hoffman

Cr Peter Cox.

OPINION: Councillor might like to join the grown-ups

CR Peter Cox considers the main issue in relation to the Sekisui House proposal at Yaroomba is that “the community needs to engage in a grown-up conversation”.


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Ozmick - Brisbane Gpo

The LAP is a legal plan, and I wonder if there is any legal address by the community against those who want to breach or amend the plan without majority community support. Comment from a lawyer would be welcomed.

Damian Bathersby

Sami Muirhead

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