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BreastScreen booking problems

QUEENSLAND Health has been forced to take to social media to address issues with the BreastScreen Queensland telephone booking service.



The Queensland Times now has a mobile version of its website, allowing the site to be navigated more easily with a smart phone. Photo: Rob Williams / The Queensland Times IPS290911PHON30A

Electronic devices to stay on, in flight mode, on Qantas

QANTAS to allow electronic devices to stay on during flights, as long as they are switched to 'flight mode', from today.


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What has changed that it could not be done for many years but now can be? With many models of phones available and cheap knockoffs around you just gotta wonder. I remember being on a domestic flight a few years ago when "flight mode" was in it`s early...

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A friend may be having a problem similar to one you've been through. You may be able to help but remember you are different people. You...

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