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Kevin Crawley wants to work but can not get off the Disability Pension. Photo Vicki Wood / Caboolture News

Disability pensioners blocked from seeking work

KEVIN Crawley has been on the Disability Support Pension for 10 years and wants to re-enter the workforce, but is continually being faced with road blocks.


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grey1 - Redbank Plains

I,m in the same position , I,ve been trying for 2 years to get help but every where I go its the same answer , there,s no help if your on a Dis-ability Pension, Fed Gov Departments only pass you on on to someone else on the never ending Government...

Liza Hope, who has looked after her 15-year-old grandson Mason since he was a one-year-old, said it was some parents who could do with the TAFE course.

We aren't idiots: Gran slams child care shake-up

A SUNSHINE Coast grandmother has slammed a suggestion that grandparents need a TAFE course to qualify for child care payments.


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ALG4300 - Bellbird Park

Rorting the system will happen, I am happy to look after grandkids for free untill it comes to day care. Day care is expensive. As for tafe for grandparents that is a crock, I totally agree with Liza Hope, get the parents into tafe and deny any...



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