August 2015

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A GROUP of “fishing huts” south of Bowen is at the centre of a legal battle launched by the Whitsunday Regional Council.

'Fishing huts’ south of Bowen caught up in legal battle

"So basically Council missed out on their cut - Ho Hum"

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PEOPLE often ask me for advice on how to assess how “good” a doctor is that they are going to see for the first time.

OPINION: Ask questions to assess a doctor

"From someone who sees a fair few doctors let me say, Judge them on how and what they listen to, their..."

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THE recent mining downturn and unstable economic climate is having a severe physical and mental impact on industry workers according to new figures.

Mining employees at 'risk of developing type 2 diabetes'

"Bullocks !!! "

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MACKAY it's up to us - we could bring the largest aqua fun park in Australia to town for summer.

Show support to bring largest aqua fun park to Mackay

"Great Idea, What's council going to do about Water Restrictions, all those people splashing around will..."

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OPINION: George Christensen and Michelle Landry have issued a joint press release attacking community appeals against mining projects like the Carmichael mine.

Christensen and Landry slam community appeals against mines

"The simple matter is the Greens are against everything, fair dinkum - What the hell are they doing, if..."

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PRIME Minister Tony Abbott has vowed to stop environment groups around the country from challenging  mine approvals that may endanger valuable habitats.

Environmental groups to miss out on voice on mining issues

"Environmental groups and the Greens were in uproar over the decision. "All the Abbott government..."

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ON SUNDAY afternoon explicit images of a young woman were released onto the Mackay classifieds Facebook page, without her consent.

Explicit photos shared on community Facebook page

"Unbelievable that people in this day and age get caught out time and time again, my first thought is..."

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THE intolerance shown by those supporting marriage equality towards those with a contrary view is often uglier than the prejudice they protest.

OPINION: Christians, cakes and gay marriage an ugly mix

"Personally I do not have a problem with Gay Marriage what I do have a problem with is Gay people want..."

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WEST Coast midfielder Chris Masten has been sent straight to the AFL Tribunal on a biting charge after Sunday’s fiery derby against arch-rivals Fremantle.

Masten off to tribunal on biting charge

"Funny that, I see in another article a Man was arrested for doing exactly that to a cop "

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