July 2015

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AN INCREASE in offensive language levelled at white Australians has lead to the government releasing a guide on acceptable ways to complain about 'racism'.

Government lists acceptable ways to complain about racism

"I would love to hear what the TV Breakfast shows are saying now, Maybe the Real Racists are not White..."

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BLACK cars should be banned from the road.

WATERCOOLER: Black cars are dangerous and should be banned

"Black Cars - Banned - so now we can pick and choose what colour is good, bad or indifferent ? Lucky we..."

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BOBBI Kristina Brown, the daughter of late music legend Whitney Houston and R&B; singer Bobby Brown, has died.

Whitney Houston's daughter Bobbi dies, aged 22

"No News here, she did 6 months ago when you think about it"

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ICONIC Australian musician John Williamson has asked the Reclaim Australia movement to stop using his song 'True Blue' at rallies.

'True Blue' is not for you, Reclaim Australia: Williamson

"John you have mad millions selling this song, you may have the rights to it but you don't have the..."

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EVERY now and then, a text or letter to the editor will be printed in the Daily Mercury that runs along the same lines.

WATERCOOLER: It’s not the car but the drivers

"CJ - Complete Joke - Need I say anymore ?"

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THE officer in charge at Finch Hatton police warns drivers to not drive below marked speed signs, but Road Action Group says their focus was misdirected.

Police warn: don't drive below speed limit

"Okay so how do you drive at 60KLM on Nebo road when trying to get onto the Ron Camm Bridge, Or in..."

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IAN Macfarlane has defended an $11,000 flight in the wake of increased scrutiny of MP spendings caused by the Bronwyn Bishop choppergate scandal.

Groom MP justifies $11,000 flight in Choppergate wake

"Sour Grapes - You can all be a Politician if you want to be"

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"WHEN I look at the traffic situation in Mackay, I have to wonder what the powers to be are thinking."

LETTERS: Mackay traffic enough to make one cry

"I agree, and what idiot made the decision to put a dedicated turning lane to Canelands when a merging..."

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RECLAIM Australia supporters might have been decked out in Aussie flags, but Pip Hazelwood had a pet dingo.

Fiery debate as MP impresses Reclaim Australia fans

""But really, I'm here today because the keynote speaker is talking about reclaiming Australia while his..."

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ASTONISHING images taken from Nasa's New Horizon's spacecraft have shown for the first time that Pluto is red like Mars.

Astonishing images reveal Pluto is Mars-like red

"The USA is the only Country that wastes money on this goose chase - no wonder they are in trouble"

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