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'Rainbow across my electorate': Maurice Williamson

Video Published: 18 Apr 2013

Pakuranga MP Maurice Williamson has New Zealand parliamentarians roaring in their seats during the third marriage equality...

Clive Palmer in clash with TV journalist

Video Published: 15 May 2013

Clive Palmer didn't like the line of questioning of one reporter on the Sunshine Coast today.

2012 - a year in review

Video Published: 29 Dec 2012

APN Newsdesk looks at just some of the big stories from 2012. Video: David Stuart.

Great big Aussie mash-up

Video Published: 26 Jan 2013

We serve up some memorable Australian moments in the Great big Aussie mash-up.

Dotcom interview: Blasts 'smear campaign'

Video Published: 30 Mar 2014

Internet Party boss Kim Dotcom sits down for an interview with the NZ Herald.

Look who's the new most powerful man in the world

Story Published: 31 Oct 2013

THE "Most powerful man in the world" title has been handed over - to the Russian President

MPs likely to add vote for budget

Story Published: 7 May 2012

ROB Oakeshott and Tony Windsor will be keeping an eye on cuts to programs in regional Australia.

VIDEO: Police van plunges from bridge as we face quiet vote

Story Published: 16 Aug 2013

AS AUSTRALIA continues its laidback run-up to the federal election, it's difficult to understand that in Egypt politics is...

Hundreds detained as Egypt seeks to crush Muslim Bortherhood

Story Published: 19 Aug 2013

AFTER a week in of the slaughter in Egypt, the nation’s leaders may be wondering how much killing it will take to bring the...

Slipper sex case may be 'expanded'

Story Published: 16 May 2012

STOOD aside Speaker Peter Slipper could face wider claims against him despite a former staffer not proceeding with claims...


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