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450 Australian soldiers farewelled

Story Published: 14 Oct 2012

FAMILIES and friends have farewelled 450 Australian soldiers at a ceremony in Adelaide on Saturday.

Bodies of dead soldiers flown home

Story Published: 3 Sep 2012

THE bodies of five Australian soldiers killed in Afghanistan were farewelled by grieving friends and flown home to loved...

NZ in mourning over soldiers' deaths

Story Published: 21 Aug 2012

BURNHAM Military Camp near Christchurch is in mourning after the loss of five soldiers in little more than a fortnight.

More Aussie soldiers from Battle of Fromelles identified

Story Published: 11 Apr 2013

THE remains of another five Australian soldiers killed during the Battle of Fromelles in 1916 have been identified.

Walking in the brave footsteps

Story Published: 23 Apr 2012

YOU can never quite be sure where a stroll into history might lead.

A dark day for Australia

Story Published: 30 Aug 2012

PRIME Minister Julia Gillard has defended Australia’s continuing military presence in Afghanistan after five soldiers died...

Two soldiers wounded in Afghanistan

Story Published: 12 Jul 2012

TWO Australian soldiers were wounded by an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan’s Uruzgan province on Tuesday.

US troops with dead Afghan bodies

Story Published: 19 Apr 2012

PHOTOS of American soldiers in mocking "trophy shots" with the bodies of Afghan suicide bombers have drawn the fury of...

Anzac Day ambassador to march with kids of deceased soldiers

Story Published: 24 Apr 2013

REMEMBERING the families of soldiers killed in battle is just as important as honouring our nation’s servicemen and women...

Syringe promises to fix battlefield wounds in 15 seconds

Story Published: 6 Feb 2014

XSTAT, a modified syringe that injects tablet-sized sponges directly into the wound and that was inspired by the design of...


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