Plover attack caught on camera

LEAVE IMMEDIATELY: This is the shot David Harris got of a very angry plover.

"I got my camera. They attacked again."

Emerald Scout Group Visits Travel Club.

Jack and Tyler calling home with Leo helping out.

Emerald Scout Group Visits Travel Club.

100 fatal crashes: Rob Frey has a message for students

Firefighter Rob Frey

Firefighter has personally attended over 100 road crash fatalities.

Heilbronns Rockhampton a country business success

Heilbronns Rockhampton, Justin Keepkie, Store Manager

It is a true family affair with owners Murray and Elaine Keepkie

'I just see a nation who holds out their hand'

There is a lot to love about being Australian.

Our media love to paint a picture that is dark and grey and gloomy.

Young widow: 'I'm running for Daniel because he can't'

Jo and Daniel Smith-Hooker with their daughters Bailey and Jordyn.

'I honestly thought I knew what grief was. But I didn't have a clue.'