21 March - 20 April

Are you being burdened by a breathtaking amount of email? You need new systems to deal with your workload. With Mars and Saturn associating in your professional sector, you have an incredible amount of energy but may also feel stifled by some of the powers that be. You need a new methodology or protocol to handle what’s happening in your workplace but your requests may be falling on deaf ears. You have to improvise. You have to step outside the square and develop something yourself even if it isn’t accommodated openly by those you work with. It may be something you have to develop in secret.


21 April - 21 May

You are tired of the cyclic commandments coming from upon high and wonder if there’s any rhyme or reason behind them. You are becoming a law unto yourself and this could spark some controversy especially if you’re out of step with consensus now. You may find yourself in a circumstance which is autocratic and leaves very little room for your own self-determination or creativity. This is frustrating and there may be no immediate means of remedying this, short of stepping aside and living life on your own terms. Venus, your ruler, is in the 12th house near Uranus showing your unpredictability.


22 May - 21 June

Your mind is incisive as you’re able to determine the current mindset of people and can adapt yourself accordingly. With Neptune transiting your tenth house of career your vision for a more fulfilling career path is possible but requires intense planning and careful financial insight. With Mars and Saturn activating your shared resources reconsider your savings plan or perhaps try a new course of action in terms of your investments. It is your money working for you? Are you getting the maximum bang for your back in your savings plan or bank? These are the questions that are on your mind now.


22 June - 23 July

You could receive a disquieting proposition and although superficially looking fine, you have a sneaking suspicion that the deal is nothing but a smelly rat. This is not simply related to finances or business but may spill over into your personal life. For this reason, it is absolutely imperative for you to have your best character assessing antenna on. Trust your intuition when meeting new people as your alarm bells will alert you to someone’s real intentions. In your personal relationships, you may continue to feel frustrated but shouldn’t push or react too much as this will worsen the situation.


24 July - 23 August

Stagnant energy requires some sort of purge to reset circumstances and even people back to a semblance of normalcy. Because of your overly competitive spirit now due to the conjunction of Mars and Saturn, people may not like you but if you get trapped in the approval ratings game you certainly won’t make any headway. It’s important to keep your compass pointing north, stick to your plan to achieve what you set your heart on and don’t let others ruffle your feathers because this is more or less based upon envy. You are all fired up and can achieve a great deal now. Don’t stop till you reach your goal.


24 August - 23 September

What should you do with meddlesome individuals that obstruct your time and make it harder and harder for you to get your work done? This may come in the form of having to train a temporary worker or dealing with superficial and sideline issues that keep eroding your valuable resources, including your patience. If you relax into your default mode of being the selfless worker who helps everyone when and if they need you, you are hardly going to get anything started little unfinished. You may need to allocate some time to teach people how to do things so that they don’t impose upon you in future.


24 September - 23 October

You don’t have to keep justifying yourself to anyone and even though this is difficult when people are continually trying to invalidate you, the smarter ways to remain silent and let your actions speak louder than words. You may be listening to too many people and if those people have dissenting opinions about the cause of action you should take, you should firstly realise that everyone has their own spin on any situation and therefore, you are probably sharing your problems with too many people anyhow. Take what you hear with a grain of salt and draw your own conclusions in your own time.


24 October - 22 November

You have to compute the pros and cons of any offer or contract based not only on the money but the time, conditions and also if possible, the people you will be working with. You may be thinking of changing course now but there are many factors you as yet haven’t taken into consideration which could be a deal breaker if you thought a little more deeply about the matter. Your neighborhood may irritate you now either directly or indirectly but whatever is going on may be a source of distraction and could be impacting upon your productivity and ability to maintain a level of happiness in your work.


23 November - 22 December

People think stereotypically about things and you should therefore be acting in exactly the opposite fashion if you want to make a success of your current efforts. There are four planets transiting your fifth house at present and indicate your strong level of creativity and interest in love, romance and children’s activities as well. The latter would be more likely if you happen to be a parent. Although you can think up brilliant ideas, you may have doubts that these have any practical application. This is where a focus group or sharing your ideas with others to get some feedback is essential now.


23 December - 20 January

As if you don’t have enough on your plate at present but you also have to deal with disordered documents, re-editing and fixing up other people’s poor work. How frustrating! As the Sun transit to the lower part of your horoscope, you are finding it difficult to muster up enough energy for your own work, leave alone cleaning up other people’s disasters. At home, you have many different hats you need to wear and this also requires additional time to support others that you may not only not have time for but are not being appreciated for as well. You’ll be looking at changing the balance of power.


21 January - 19 February

There’s a difference between being supremely confident and ostentatious and unfortunately people sometimes find it difficult to distinguish between the two. As a consequence, you may be oblivious to the fact that people are interpreting your conscientiousness as ego, your desire to inspire others as autocracy and your genuine feelings of positive thinking as narcissism. You have to step into the shoes of others to see how they see you but you may be so preoccupied with what you have to achieve that you may be missing some of the subtle nuances of your social and professional interactions now.


20 February - 20 March

Asking questions are usually a safe bet and if you read between the lines, you’ll more than likely get to the truth of others opinions. The power of speech is a key understanding you may need to acquire now while four planets transit your second house. Usually, this relates more to finances than anything else but it is also strongly connected to speech in the power you have to influence other people. This power comes as much through listening as well speaking so listen carefully to what others are saying is there may be very important hence the can help you influence others more effectively now. with Dadhich