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10 easy ways to avoid a CQ Christmas blowout

Central Queenslanders know how to enjoy Christmas. Good friends, good food and too many ways to indulge.

It takes the strongest will to take no part in the festive cheer, but there are some easy ways to ensure your New Year's resolution is not a daunting task.

As you think about the health challenges you will climb in 2015, here are 10 easy tips on how to avoid that festive season blowout.

#1 Alternate with water

Central Queenslanders love a cold beer and chilled glass of Champagne, and Christmas is just around the corner, but alcoholic drinks and soft drink are full of sugar. To make it easier on your body, and your New Year's resolution, alternate water with alcoholic or sugary drinks.

#2 Move away from the food table

The closer you are to the food, the greater the temptation to graze on the goodies. Put space between you and the unhealthy morsels.

#3 Pinch those portions

When it comes to finger food one is never enough. Instead of cramming your plate with one of everything - and three of your favourite - choose the smaller plate, try the nibbles one at a time and take just half a glass. Small changes can make a difference.

#4 Stop the nervous eating

Sometimes party scenes bring on a case of nervous eating. Instead of feeding your nerves, through your face, find a way to distract yourself - strike up a conversation, make new friends or hit the dance floor.

#5 Don't arrive hungry

Arrive hungry and you will struggle to avoid temptation. So before heading to the party, have a healthy snack and a glass of water so the plate of spring rolls won't be your best friend.  

#6 Move your butt

Physical activity is an effective way to lose weight and maintain your health, so if you've indulged with a few too many Christmas treats, just up your physical activity with a few more walks or some other physical activity.

#7 Find yourself a healthy buddy

There's power in numbers, so grab a friend who wants to get healthy and resist together. Together you can stay too busy to think about food and your buddy can motivate you to walk away from the table and towards a healthier you.

#8 Plan how to say no

There is always someone who wants you to have one more of everything. Be prepared with a list of ways to say no thanks. "I couldn't possibly fit in another rum ball," should do the trick.

#9 The fruit swap

Is your sweet tooth out of control? You'd be surprised how satisfying a piece of fruit is for satisfying a sugar craving. In Central Queensland we have great summer fruits like watermelon, grapes, mango and pineapple.

#10 Be strong. Say 'no thanks'!

You don't have to bend to the peer pressure. Politely say no thanks and think about how good you'll feel when you start seeing your goals come to life.

Want more tips on how to keep your health and fitness in check this Christmas? Visit the CQ Health community hub and click on Healthier. Happier. under quick links.

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