Sue Lamb celebrates her surprise $10 million windfall.
Sue Lamb celebrates her surprise $10 million windfall. Photo: Facebook

$10 million surprise pay day for Queensland woman

A FORMER Sunshine Coast resident received the late Valentines Day present of a lifetime when she found almost $10 million had been put onto her credit card.

Now living in Labrador, on the Gold Coast, Susan Lamb contacted the Sunshine Coast Daily last night hysterically happy at what she had found on a bank statement when she withdrew $100 at a Morayfield service station.

"Maybe we could go to Tahiti," she said jovially.

But it was a more sombre Ms Lamb who spoke to the Daily again this morning, explaining she was terrified of how the money got into her account and who had put it there.

"I actually freaked out," she said.

"I got out of there (the service station) and called the ANZ straight away to ask them to take the money back."

Ms Lamb said she actually got into an argument with the customer service operator when he insisted the money was hers and belonged to "her company."

The receipt Sue Lamb uploaded showing her bank balance.
The receipt Sue Lamb uploaded showing her bank balance. Photo: Facebook

Ms Lamb said she was a sole trader, so this did not make any sense.

"I was told to ring back in business hours Monday to Friday between 8.30am to 5pm," she said.

"I checked the account again first thing this morning and the money was still there.

"By 11.30am, it was gone."

Ms Lamb said she was yet to hear back from the ANZ about where the money had come from and where it had gone.

She speculated it could have been an error made when she tried to increase in credit card limit, but fears it could have been something more sinister like someone trying to launder or hide money temporarily.

Although she had dreamed up a few ideas about what she could have spent $10 million on, Ms Lamb said she was pleased the money was gone.

"I didn't want to end up like that couple in New Zealand," she said, referring to a similar situation in 2011.

A couple were found guilty of a string of fraud crimes after using money unexpectedly deposited into their account to go on a luxury holiday, sparking an international manhunt.

The Daily has contacted the ANZ head office for comment.

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