POLICE WARNING: Motorists need to abide by posted speed limits and parking direction signs.
POLICE WARNING: Motorists need to abide by posted speed limits and parking direction signs. Louise Cheer

20 fined in Emerald for no seatbelt

EMERALD police have been busy in the first week back to school, enforcing the fatal five and keeping children safe.

Road Policing Unit officer-in-charge Sergeant Brad Weeks said people needed to remember the importance of seatbelts.


"Seatbelts seem to be a problem, however, with over 20 people in one day receiving seatbelt infringement notices," Sgt Weeks said.

"Make sure your passengers, especially our children, are wearing their seatbelts and are in the correct restraint for their age and size."


He said most drivers should be commended for their safety.

"I would like to wish everyone a happy new year and I would also like thank drivers and commend them for their continued safe driving around our schools for the start of 2015," he said.

"Only a few people have been detected speeding in our school zones this week."

Sgt Weeks said abiding by signs posted near schools was vital to keeping children safe.

"I would like to remind all drivers that they must also abide by the parking signs in our school zones," he said.

"Don't park in the bus zones, disabled parking zones or school crossing zones as they are there for a reason.

"If it's a drop off zone with a short stopping time, do not park your car and leave it unattended."

Sgt Weeks said common courtesy and respecting other drivers could go a long way in reducing traffic incidences and road rage.

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