SUSPICIOUS LAB: Police raided a Paulette St property and found an alleged drug lab in a rear shed.
SUSPICIOUS LAB: Police raided a Paulette St property and found an alleged drug lab in a rear shed. Peter Holt

$20,000 and drugs in bust

ABOUT $20,000 in cash and illicit drugs were found at a West Mackay property raided by police, a court was told yesterday.

There were five people on the property and two of them jumped out of windows and ran when police arrived, the Mackay Magistrate's Court was told.

One man was detained and remanded in custody before being granted bail to face court on January 17.

Police are still searching for a woman who allegedly fled the area.

Shane Thompson, 34, faced court yesterday and was granted bail with special conditions after he was arrested in a shed which contained an alleged drug lab.

Police collected numerous DNA and fingerprint samples from the suspected drug lab but it could take several weeks to match them to suspects, the Mackay Magistrates Court was told yesterday.

Police raided a property in Paulette St, West Mackay, about 6am on Thursday and Thompson was seen in a shed at the rear of the property with a female companion.

Police allege that Thompson poured a can of alcohol over a gas stove which was involved in part of the alleged drug-making process.

However, defence solicitor Antoinette Morton said yesterday that Thompson lived at North Mackay and was only visiting the property with a female friend and they went to the shed for some quiet time, and to have a cigarette and a drink together.

Thompson saw something sizzling in the shed and poured a drink over it, Ms Morton said.

Thompson denied any knowledge of cash on the premises or the existence of a drug lab, Ms Morton said.

Prosecutor Sheena Hayes opposed bail and said all suspects had apparently denied involvement and it could be several weeks before DNA and fingerprint results can assist on-going police investigation.

Magistrate Mark Morrow granted bail for Thompson with a special condition that someone pays a $2500 cash deposit, and that he lives at an address known to police, he reports to police daily, and he has no contact with witnesses.

The discovery of the lab forced the evacuation of several adjoining houses.

There were three other people in the dwelling and two jumped out of a window and ran.

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