Michael Alexander Craven faced court over the incident between two rival car gangs in Redbank Plains.
Michael Alexander Craven faced court over the incident between two rival car gangs in Redbank Plains.

21 arrested over riot, shooting

POLICE have charged 21 car club members with rioting over their alleged involvement in a suburban showdown where three people were shot.

Ten members of Southside Ridaz – a Logan-based car club – and 11 members of Ipswich-based Pure Kaos were arrested yesterday.

Their arrest was part of a police investigation into violence that erupted on Highbury Drive, Redbank Plains in the early hours of March 14.

Pure Kaos member James Edward Rawes, from Logan, has already faced court accused of bringing a Mauser rifle to the disturbance.

Rawes, 20, and another member of Pure Kaos allegedly fired eight shots from the Mauser, hitting three members of Southside Ridaz.

One was seriously injured when he was hit in the buttocks, another was shot in the calf and the third suffered a grazing wound to the shoulder.

Ipswich Magistrates Court was told the shooting followed an assault at Meadowbrook McDonald’s – in Logan – where Ridaz members allegedly threatened to shoot Maria Renai Taylor, 31.

Defence lawyer Janine Tubb said Highbury Drive was “well known”, as the Ridaz had been members of the Ipswich club but were kicked out after “hooning and other bad behaviour”.

Prosecutor Sergeant John Nelson said Taylor and her husband Vernon Henry Taylor, 33, – who lived in the street where the riot erupted – allegedly told the rival club to come if they wanted to fight.

She called triple-0 but was told by police the threats were not imminent so she allegedly contacted members of the Kaos Club for back-up.

Sgt Nelson said Vernon Christopher Robert Brady, 22, and Cameron Leigh Jones, 29, were in the car with Rawes when the 20-year-old allegedly brought the WWII German Mauser rifle to the home.

Defence lawyers argued Brady and Jones did not know Rawes had the gun.

The other alleged gunman, also from Logan, took his own life the night after the incident.

The court was told members of Pure Kaos allegedly armed themselves with planks of wood, an iron bar and a shovel.

Defence lawyer Matthew Fairclough said Amy Jane Grosse, 18, locked herself in a bedroom when the riot actually began.

Sgt Nelson said defendants from the rival car club appeared in Beenleigh and Richlands courts today “for security reasons”.

Cheryl Marie McGuiness, 23, Christopher Bruce Smith, 23, Amy Jane Grosse, 18, Greg Paul Tinsley, 26, Teneika Louise Davis, 20, Christopher Robert Brady, 22, Cameron Leigh Jones, 29, Michael Alexander Craven, 19, Maria Renai Taylor, 31 and Vernon Henry Taylor, 33, appeared in court charged with rioting.

All but the Taylors were granted bail on the condition they have no contact with the other co-accused – the Taylors’ bail application will continue later this week.

All 21 defendants will next appear in Ipswich Magistrates Court on May 5 when police plan to have additional security measures in place.

Police said investigations were continuing and they hoped to charge another six alleged offenders in the coming weeks.

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