Local government contracts worth more than $37m are up for grabs from this week to supply everything from first-aid kits to mobile libraries. SEE THE LIST.
Local government contracts worth more than $37m are up for grabs from this week to supply everything from first-aid kits to mobile libraries. SEE THE LIST.

SEE THE LIST: $37m in buy local goverment tenders on offer

Local government contracts worth more than $37 million are up for grabs from this week providing Queensland businesses with a much-needed lifeline during COVID-19.

Local Buy tenders will open on 15 August to supply a range of goods and services to Queensland councils, utilities, local and State government owned corporations and large corporate entities.


Now in its 19th year and established by the Local Government Association of Queensland, Local Buy allows businesses to build long-standing relationships across the 77 Queensland council regions.

Local Buy chief executive Peter Mifsud said local governments alone spend $600 million through Local Buy arrangements, allowing local businesses to expand.

Current Local Buy contracts include the supply of everything from personal protection equipment and solar batteries to vehicles and call centre facilities.

"We understand the impact COVID-19 has had on local businesses, and we want to make it as easy as possible for them to get more work, so that they can get back on their feet sooner, said Mr Mifsud.

Local Buy will provide a boost to SMEs.
Local Buy will provide a boost to SMEs.


"Small-to-medium businesses are the backbone of this country and we want to ensure that local businesses, particularly SMEs, are getting a slice of the local work and projects on offer."

Proterra Group managing director Sean Rice said that more than 50 per cent of business for his project management company comes from Local Buy arrangements.



The Toowoomba-based company provides support for civil infrastructure projects including roads, drainage, flood mitigation, landfills and buildings." "It's really great to be able to get the support from Local Buy and councils," said Mr Rice. "It gives you more stability."

To respond to one of the current tenders available, businesses should visit Local Buy at suppliers.localbuyportal.com. Tenders close on September 8.




Advertising & Media Services

Contract number: BUS260-0417

Current expiry date 31/8/2020


Asset Management Services

Contract number: BUS252-0615

Contract expiry date: 25/09/2020


Bulk Petroleum, Fuel Card Services, Vehicle Car Products, Oils & Lubes

Contract number: NPN1.17

Contract expiry date: 01/02/2021


Business, Finance & Organisational Services

Contract number: BUS272

Contract expiry date: 30/04/2022


Call Centre & Customer Administration Services

Contract name: BUS263-0617

Contract expiry date: 1/05/2021


Chemical Supply

Contract name: BUS277

Contract expiry date: 30/06/2022


Corporate Clothing, Workwear & PPE

Contract name: BUS271

Contract expiry date: 30/06/2021


Engineering and Environmental Consultancy Services

Contract name: BUS262-0317

Contract expiry date: 31/10/2020


Fleet Management

Contract name: LB281

Contract expiry date: 30/05/2022


Hardware, Industrial, Constuction, Electrical

Contract name: NPN1.16

Contract expiry date: 30/06/2021


Human Resources and Employee Services

Contract name: BUS278

Contract expiry date: 30/04/2022


ICT Solutions & Services

Contract name: BUS274

Contract expiry date: 30/06/2021


Industrial Construction Electrical and General Hardware and Materials

Contract name: NPN1.16

Current expiry date: 30/6/2020


Legal Services

Contract name: BUS261-1116

Current expiry date: 31/05/2022


Library Resources (Goods & Services)

Contract name: BUS255-0116

Current expiry date: 17/11/2020


MGB's, Industrial, Static Compactors etc

Contract name: NPN1.11-3

Current expiry date: 31/08/2021


Motor Vehicles

Contract name: BUS233-1112

Current expiry date: 30/03/2021


Office & Stationary

Contract name: BUS258-0816

Current expiry date: 07/02/2021


Open Spaces, Parks, Play, Sport & Recreation

Contract name: BUS267

Current expiry date: 31/10/2021


Pipes, Relining, Pumps, Meters & Precast

Contract name: BUS256-0416

Current expiry date: 30/06/2020


Planning, Surveying, Design & Architectural Services

Contract name: BUS265

Current expiry date: 31/01/2022


Plant Machinery Equipment

Contract name: NPN2.15

Current expiry date: 30/09/2020


Project Management (Construction)

Contract name: BUS254-1215

Current expiry date: 30/06/2020


Project Management Services (Civil Infrastructure)

Contract name: LB279

Current expiry date: 30/06/2023


Recruitment Services - Permanent

Contract name: BUS259-0816(B)

Current expiry date: 14/09/2021


Recruitment Services - Temporary (Vendor Neutral Managed Services)

Contract name: BUS259-0816(A)

Current expiry date: 05/03/2022


Road, Water, Sewerage & Civil Works

Contract name: BUS270

Current expiry date: 30/06/2022


Smart Cities Connected Communities

Contract name: NPN2.18

Current expiry date: 21/07/2021


Solar Systems & Battery Storage

Contract name: BUS257-0516

Current expiry date: 20/09/2021


Spare Parts & Associated Services

Contract name: BUS268

Current expiry date: 30/09/2022


Specialised Trucks and Bodies

Contract name: NPN1.15

Current expiry date: 30/09/2020


Telecommunication Services

Contract name: NPN1.18

Current expiry date: 30/04/2022



Contract name: NPN04.13

Current expiry date: 30/09/2020


Tyres, Tubes & Associated Services

Contract name: BUS276

Current expiry date: 30/09/2022


Waste Collection Goods & Services

Contract name: C002/11

Current expiry date: 19/03/2022


Water and Sewerage Products (Pipes, Pumps, Valves, Flow Meters, Concrete & Civil Products)

Contract name: LB283

Current expiry date: 30/06/2022




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