The 9 Principles of Leaning

This man appears to be travelling at a remarkable speed. This is, in fact, not true. He is leaning against a phone booth.
This man appears to be travelling at a remarkable speed. This is, in fact, not true. He is leaning against a phone booth.

A NEW site, claiming to be 'the official leaning blog', has taken the simple act of leaning and made a lifestyle of it.

Leaning Is Good collects photos of people leaning on various objects, in various places, and in various positions of leaning.

The site promotes the '9 principles of leaning', a series of recommendations and guidelines for improving your leaning practice.

One could be forgiven for thinking the creators are serious.

"It is interesting to 'observe' peoples desire to join in and lean but their 'commitment' to a good strong lean or not speaks volumes," one of the site's anonymous creators said. 

"We believe in the mental and physical benefits of engaging in 'a good old lean'.

"Physically, the more committed to the lean you are, the greater the distance you have between you and object you are leaning on and the longer you hold it the better you feel. From a psychological stance leaning puts you more in touch with your surroundings, literally."

Principles of leaning (#leaning):

  1. Leaning is to be enjoyed. Either on your own or in a group situation.
  2. Good leaning is keeping both feet together (if you have two). Feet apart is like having your feet apart in diving.
  3. More acceptable leaning is placing both hands on the object you are leaning on. One is acceptable but demonstrates a lack of commitment to the lean.
  4. You can keep your bodyline straight or bent, head up or down, really depends on your preference. Express yourself.
  5. You can lean facing the object you are leaning on or if you prefer you can sideways lean. Just keep those feet and legs together.
  6. Purists like to get their feet as far away from the object they are leaning on and achieve a shallower angle.
  7. The less movement whilst leaning the better.
  8. Injuries and dizziness can happen so be careful. Know when to complete the lean and stop.
  9. Leaning is open to development always so don't be afraid to experiment. Try different unexpected locations to enhance the leaning experience.

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