Can't connect to the internet? Chrome's game might help

WHILE there's nothing that can make losing your internet connection any less annoying, there are certainly distractions that help.

Chrome, Google's browser, offers a consolation prize within the frustrating error message itself.

If you've lost your internet connection, or disconnected it for the sake of science, you'll see the words "Unable to connect to the Internet".

Above it there's a cute but cubic T-Rex character, seemingly just standing there.

Now press the space bar and the game begins. Welcome to the "Sorry your Internet died" endless runner from the Chrome team, featuring a dinosaur.

As the T-Rex runs, press the space-bar to make it jump and avoid the cactus bushes.

If you miss a jump and fall, there's a refresh icon you can press to go again.

You need the latest version of Chrome, named Canary.

The game is available in the Microsoft and Mac versions of Chrome as well as if you run Chromium from trunk on Linux.

Sadly, while the game is cute and slightly addictive, it won't bring your internet connection back.

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