Earth Unplugged organiser Hugh Duffie performs.
Earth Unplugged organiser Hugh Duffie performs. Stephanie Maker

Fans ‘go green’ at Earth Unplugged

MORE punters than even the organisers expected rolled through the event gates at Queens Park, Toowoomba, to be part of Earth Unplugged, Queensland’s First Carbon Positive Music Festival.

Festival organiser and performer Hugh Duffie said the turnout exceeded his expectations.

“We’re doing a lot better than we planned to be doing,” Mr Duffie said.

Online ticket sales in particular proved to be a great success for the festival.

“We were happy with how many we got online,” Mr Duffie said.

“We plugged it pretty hard and especially in the last four or five days a lot of people bought online.”

Mr Duffie was not only responsible for organising the event, he also had a spot as a performer.

After performing his own original songs and popular covers he said he enjoyed the experience.

“I loved it, it felt fantastic,” Mr Duffie said.

“There’s such a good vibe and there’s heaps of people here.”

“It was really great to be able to get the message across in song which is exactly what the whole day is about.”

The event featured a number of local acts including Willet-May, Skywriter, Project62, Interim, Simon Thomas and Dana Hassall.

Headliners BusbyMarou put on a spectacular show and delighted festival-goers with their acoustic set.

The event was Queensland’s first and one of Australia’s first carbon-positive music festivals.

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