Simon Pegg in a scene from Kill Me Three Times.
Simon Pegg in a scene from Kill Me Three Times.

Kill Me Three Times: The villain is a joker

LOVABLE British leading man Simon Pegg stars opposite a talented Australian cast in the new film Kill Me Three Times.

The dark comedy thriller from director Kriv Stenders (Red Dog, Blacktown) follows professional hit-man Charlie Wolfe (Pegg) as he finds himself entangled in a web of murder, blackmail and revenge after a botched contract assignment.

"Working with Simon was a dream come true. I've always been a huge fan of him and his work," Stenders tells Weekend.

"I never ever expected I would get to work with him one day. It ended up being a very joyous, fruitful collaboration.

"I have a theory that comic actors make great villains because they play against type and audience expectations."

The only caveat to his leading man's involvement was Pegg's availability; Stenders had a tight two-week window in which to shoot all of Pegg's scenes.

"I think with every film if it's not challenging or scary then it's not worth doing," he says.

"That stress galvanises you and everyone around you, and ultimately produces good work."

Filmed in various locations across Western Australia, the movie follows Wolfe as he attempts to carry out a contract killing of an unfaithful wife (Alice, played by Alice Braga).

But during his reconnaissance he watches as Alice is kidnapped by her dentist as part of an insurance fraud scheme.

The ensuing drama, told from three different perspectives, is based on the debut screenplay by Irish writer James McFarland.

"When I read the script, I was immediately struck by how funny it is," Stenders says.

"The film wears its influences (Quentin Tarantino, The Cohen Brothers) very proudly. It's got its tongue placed very firmly in its cheek and it certainly doesn't take itself seriously."

Kill Me Three Times will be released on digital, DVD and Blu-Ray on Wednesday (September 9).

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