Convicted rapist Christopher John McCoy, 21, from Kingsthorpe sent his eight-year-old Sunshine Coast victim a love letter from prison. Picture: Supplied
Convicted rapist Christopher John McCoy, 21, from Kingsthorpe sent his eight-year-old Sunshine Coast victim a love letter from prison. Picture: Supplied

Man who raped 8-year-old refuses to undergo treatment

A KINGSTHORPE man who violently raped an eight-year-old Sunshine Coast boy then sent him a love letter from behind prison walls has flatly refused to participate in any sexual offending programs while serving his nine-month sentence.

Remarkably, it is not compulsory for convicted sex offenders to undertake any of the rehabilitation programs while in jail.

Child rapist Christopher John McCoy, 21, made national headlines this week after APN Newsdesk exclusively revealed he had sent his young victim a love letter in which he told the boy he loved him and how he was suffering inside prison from the taunts of other inmates.

McCoy pleaded guilty in Maroochydore District Court earlier this year to recording himself committing revolting sex acts on a friend's younger brother at his home in Caloundra.

The details of the eight offences, which occurred in January last year, were not disclosed in court, but did include one charge of actual penile penetration.

Judge John Robertson sentenced McCoy to three years in jail ordering it be suspended after he served nine months.

McCoy was not declared a serious violent offender.

Bravehearts founder and leading child safety advocate Hetty Johnston said it was appalling McCoy was able to thumb his nose at the programs then simply walk free from prison without any genuine attempt at rehabilitation.

"It is immoral and downright dangerous to release this guy," she said.

"Everyone should be made to complete the sexual offender programs before they are even considered for release.

"The bottom line is if it is not safe to release a predator then do not.

"It is a little wonder the general community has such little faith in these programs."

Queensland Corrective Services offer prisoners a number of sexual offending programs which they choose to undertake in prison designed to help with their rehabilitation attempts.

One of the more popular programs undertaken is the 'Getting Started: Preparatory Program for Sexual Offenders' which is a pre cursor to therapeutic treatment programs and introduces offenders to treatment and group processes.

Authorities claim the program is helpful in helping prisoners address any barriers to treatment.

There are a number of other programs offered inside prisons including medium and high intensity sexual offending programs as well as sexual offending maintenance program designed to help keep participants on track.

A Queensland Corrective Services spokesperson said it does not have the ability to force any prisoner to undertake any treatment programs while in jail.

"If a prisoner is willing to engage in all aspects of a treatment program offered while in custody they may be assessed by Queensland Corrective Services as a suitable participant," they said.

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