TRAGIC MATTER: Two cousins died in this crash on Glebe Rd, Booval, early New Year’s Day 2013.
TRAGIC MATTER: Two cousins died in this crash on Glebe Rd, Booval, early New Year’s Day 2013. Andrew Korner

No leniency for P-Plater who killed his cousins in a crash

AN IPSWICH P-plater who killed his two cousins in a horror crash on New Year's Day last year has had his bid for a reduced sentence rejected by the state's highest court.

Rikihana Kimiora Patara Nikora, 20, pleaded guilty in the Ipswich District Court in January this year to dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing death while being adversely affected by alcohol.

The court heard that during the early hours of January, 1, 2013, Nikora was driving his Subaru Impreza along Glebe Rd, Booval, at speeds of up to 125kmh when he lost control of the vehicle.

The vehicle subsequently careered on to the footpath where it rolled and slid 172 metres through two yards before striking a tree and a house.

Nikora's two cousins, aged 17 and 28, who were in the car with him at the time, were thrown from the vehicle and killed.

The court heard a blood sample taken later in hospital recorded a blood alcohol reading of 0.171.

He was subsequently sentenced to seven years behind bars.

Nikora argued in the Queensland Court of Appeal in June that the sentence was manifestly excessive and the trial judge had erred in his misapprehension as to the maximum penalty, namely that the maximum penalty was 10 years whereas it was in fact 14 years, and in doing so it affected the penalty he imposed.

Justice Philip Morrison, in refusing Nikora's application, said on Tuesday this particular case was particularly serious and warranted a severe sentence.

"This is an occasion where the strong need for deterrence outweighs the aspects of youth and prospects of rehabilitation," he said.

"This was a very serious example of dangerous driving causing two deaths.

"Nikora drove dangerously at speeds more than twice the speed limit, through a residential area, whilst significantly intoxicated."

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Justice Morrison said Nikora's driving included the failure to negotiate a roundabout, travelling on the wrong side of the road, across another intersection and crashing through the front yards of at least two houses.

"The driving was prolonged, involving excessive speed for more than 15 minutes prior to the collision and in circumstances where Nikora was only too well aware of his highly intoxicated state, having admitted himself that he was too intoxicated to even write his own contact details."

Nikora will be eligible to apply for parole on May 17, 2016.

He was disqualified absolutely from holding or obtaining a driver's licence.

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