Bridge needed across Tin Can Bay to Rainbow Beach

BEAUTIFUL BAY: Les Cravigan says a bridge, or at least a faster land link between Tin Can Bay and Rainbow Beach is essential to the area’s future.
BEAUTIFUL BAY: Les Cravigan says a bridge, or at least a faster land link between Tin Can Bay and Rainbow Beach is essential to the area’s future. Craig Warhurst

LES Cravigan says it is too good an idea to ignore.

The traffic-conscious Cooloola Cove resident says the idea of a bridge across Tin Can Bay to Rainbow Beach, potentially cutting up to 20km off the driving distance between the two Cooloola Coast centres, has been around for 20 years.

He says it would make Rainbow Beach closer for motoring visitors and would improve the attraction of both the Bay and the Beach.

"And we'd have a much more peaceful life," he said.

"We live in Endeavour Dve and we have a lot of speeding traffic on its way between Tin Can Bay and Rainbow Beach."

But more than that, he says, it is essential to prevent the Cooloola Coast area choking on its own popularity.

Mr Cravigan is not the first person to come up with the idea, but he has come along at a time when it just might be viable.

"It is imperative," he said, "an absolute necessity."

The idea is a bridge that would cross a narrow section of the inlet, possibly at the power line easement which crosses from near Teewah Point Rd and runs across Searys Creek to join the Rainbow Beach Rd at the Freshwater Track turnoff.

Mr Cravigan says the current route forces drivers around the outside of the Tin Can Inlet, adding considerably to travel time, expense, discomfort and danger.

"It will be the lifeblood of the Cooloola Coast and it should be in before the Bruce Hwy bypass of Gympie and the planned road from Noosa.

"Otherwise this area will become a big bottleneck and traffic will not be able to move.

The economic benefits would also include reducing time, fuel and vehicle costs associated with business travel between the two towns.

"My belief is that this proposal will be a vital link to making the Cooloola Coast a place for everyone to enjoy."

He says he has considerable support from local businesses and wants to hear from them and the rest of the community at a meeting he has called on November 18, from 10am at the Cooloola Cove Veterans Community Hall.

A second option is to join the two sections of Queen Elizabeth Dve, so traffic between the Bay and the Beach is not forced to divert through the suburban streets of Cooloola Cove.

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