LEADER: Sheree Crawford, Candice McKie and Emma Beale at the Clermont Bears Calcutta and Auction fundraiser hosted in July.
LEADER: Sheree Crawford, Candice McKie and Emma Beale at the Clermont Bears Calcutta and Auction fundraiser hosted in July.

A natural leader for Clermont

CLERMONT local Candice McKie strives to be a leader and a good role model, especially for her children and other members of the community.

She says it is important for people to give back to the community they rely so much on.

Mrs McKie, who has been named as a Commonwealth Games baton bearer for next year, said Clermont was a wonderful community where everyone knows everyone and is very community orientated.

"The Clermont community is very important to me, it's my home town, it's where I have grown up and at the moment I have my own two children we are raising within that community,” Mrs McKie said.

"I like to support the local businesses because they are the ones who support us with the different sporting groups, but also one day my children might need a job at one of these different establishments.

"If people don't look after our own community, you eventually get to a point where there is not much left in that community and it would no longer be home. We would lose all of our vital services and the community would no longer be able to function.”

Mrs McKie was shocked to find out she would be part of the historic baton-carrying team as it makes its way through regional Queensland before arriving on the Gold Coast for the opening ceremony.

"I have to say I was a bit taken back, I didn't realise I had been nominated by the lady who had nominated me. I never knew she viewed me as a leader within the community,” she said.

"I do the stuff I do in the community because I enjoy it, not for any other reason at all.

"It was nice to see someone had recognised the efforts that you put into your work, not that you ever expect it.”

The letter that nominated her for a baton bearer's role said, "Candice selflessly provides leadership and assistance to numerous causes throughout the Clermont community. She has the ability to get people involved and promote a sense of community.”

She currently holds an official position with the local rugby league football club, the Blair Athol Recreational Hall, and the Theresa Creek Waterskiing Club as secretary.

"I volunteer my own time to help out on the committees,” she said.

"With the football club, each year we try to undertake a project of some sort which aims to give back to the community or giving back to those who sponsor and support us.

"Last year we had the help a friend in need campaign, where one of the community members had their young child diagnosed with cancer, so we undertook heaps of fundraising and local events to help the family out.

"This year we did something very similar. One of our own players, who was quite young, was diagnosed with cancer, so we did a lot of fundraising but he has since passed.”

Mrs McKie said she loved being part of Clermont and would like to thank those who notice the effort and hard work that goes into serving the community.

"I just want to say a big thank you to the Clermont community for their support for all of the endeavours and things I try to accomplish in the community,” she said.

"I also want to say thank you to the lady who nominated me.”

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