STARRY NIGHT: Get up close and personal with local singer Anna Farquhar.
STARRY NIGHT: Get up close and personal with local singer Anna Farquhar. Meraki Portraiture

A night among the local stars

GET ready to see a side of a local performer you have never seen before.

On Saturday night, Anna Farquhar is playing an intimate gig, "A night with... Anna Farquhar” at Emerald Little Theatre.

The well-known Central Highlands singer-songwriter will mostly sing original songs, including new songs, old songs and some never-before-heard songs.

Ms Farquhar said this is the first time she will perform a majority of original songs at a gig.

"I've been a cover artist around town and across the Central Highlands, but I've never really played a lot of my own music,” she said.

"I thought it would be a great time with heading off to Tamworth at the end of the month to put myself out there and play some of my original stuff.

"I'm also hoping to record my first album this year so this night will be a great opportunity for me to perform my songs to a range of people and get feedback on my work.”

Ms Farquhar said she would show another side of her tomorrow night.

"It'll be a more truer representation of myself because I'll be performing my own songs and stories and not someone else's,” she said.

"But it's going to be quite nerve racking, being so open with strangers.

"It's a bit scary to put yourself out there because you're showing a side of yourself that you wouldn't normally show.

"It makes you really vulnerable.”

Ms Farquhar said she hoped people would connect with her music the same way she has connected to her favourite artists.

"I've been told that I'm a very honest performer,” she said.

Two of Ms Farquhar's students from her music studio, Greer Webley and Mitch Rolfe, are also opening the night, and a cash bar is available.

So why not get out and enjoy a night of local talent?

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