A PRECISION operation has saved a 60-year-old bottle tree from the mulcher.

Poised to be cut down as part of a new development on Long Street, Toowoomba tree relocation company Ace of Spades went to work to give the 20 metre tall native a second chance.

"The tree today was going to get cut down as part of a demolition job so it is good we have been able to save it," arborist Russell Clark said.

"It's a fairly big job and you have to make sure it's done safely with the right lifting techniques so the tree's root ball survives.

"The biggest challenge is ensuring the tree doesn't get damaged."

Mr Clark believed it was important to conserve the region's native trees as too many new developments were just cutting them down.

"Bottle trees like this one can live for hundreds of years," he said

"It would've been a tragedy to have seen it cut it down.

"The tree will be transplanted into the grounds at my tree orphanage in Withcott.

"Once there I let the tree grow, giving it a second chance before moving to a more permanent home."

Removal and transplant of a 20m tall bottle tree from Long St.
Removal and transplant of a 20m tall bottle tree from Long St. Nick Houghton

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