A third of all Aussies born overseas

ALMOST a third of all Australians have something in common with Prime Minister Tony Abbott - they were born overseas.

Mr Abbott, who was born in London, England, is one the 6.6 million Australians born overseas - or 28% of the total population.

The ABS figures released Thursday show Australia now has the highest proportion of overseas-born citizens in 120 years.

The new peak, the bureau's Denise Carlton said, had not been seen since the gold rush of the 1800s.

Since 2005-06, migration has been responsible for more than 50% of Australia's population growth.

"While the largest migrant groups were people born in the United Kingdom and New Zealand - with a total of over 1.8 million Australian residents being born in those two countries, the next two most common birthplaces were from the Asian region," Ms Carlton said.

"These were China and India, with around 450,000 and 400,000 people respectively."

The data also showed the number of Australians born in China doubled in the past 10 years, up from 205,200 in 2004 to 447,400 in 2014.

But the fastest growing demographic was Australians born in India, almost tripling from 132,800 in 2004 to 397,200 last year.

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