SUNNY FACES: A home-grown sunflower.
SUNNY FACES: A home-grown sunflower. Kerri Mcburnie

A town that’s sure to shine

SPRINGSURE is one of the best little country towns in Queensland, and one where we all know our neighbours.

One of the best features of Springsure is the mountains.

The cliff face is known as Virgin Rock named because it once looked like the Virgin Mary cradling the baby Jesus, although years of erosion have blurred the resemblance.

I love telling people about Springsure and how spectacular the mountains are, and how you can walk up to the top of the mountain and look down on the town.

It is a bit of a hike, but there is a walking track there for the keen walker.

I also love telling people how it is built in the centre of an old volcano.

Every telly marketer I talk to I always tell them how beautiful Springsure is and how they should come and visit, there is just so much to see.

I was born in NSW, but only because that's where my parents were with the harvest at the time.

After I married I moved around the state, but came home to stay and we own our own home here now, and my children were raised here.


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