TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY: Rachata Chomkiattikun (right) with sister Pailyne Chomkiattikun.
TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY: Rachata Chomkiattikun (right) with sister Pailyne Chomkiattikun. Pancharee Chomkiattikun

Aargh, me hearties

THE Chomkiattikun family knows the burden of having to travel away from home to receive treatment for cancer.

In 2013 Pancharee Chomkiattikun's son Rachata was diagnosed with cancer. He was 11 at the time.

"We noticed a lump on his hand and when we found out it was cancer our whole world was turned upside down,” Mrs Chomkiattikun said.

Leaving her husband and young daughter behind, the Emerald mother and her son travelled to Brisbane where Rachata received treatment.

Childhood Cancer Support was able to relieve some of the burden by providing accommodation for Mrs Chomkiattikun and Rachata.

The Queensland based not-for-profit organisation, Childhood Cancer Support hosts the national event, Talk Like a Pirate Day every year to raise funds and awareness for cancer- affected children and their families.

Childhood Cancer Support president Trevor Rethamel said the event was a light-hearted way for Central Highland residents to get involved in the fight against childhood cancer.

"The campaign Talk Like A Pirate Day, has assisted many families across the Emerald region, providing a home away from home to those visiting Brisbane for their child's cancer treatment,” Mr Rethamel said.

"Our short-term accommodation removes the financial and emotional burden for regionally-based families who are required to travel to Brisbane for their child's treatment appointments and check-ups.”

Mrs Chomkiattikun said she was grateful for the support provided by Childhood Cancer Support.

"The type of support they offer is special. It removes some of the stress and burden for families who are going through such a difficult time.”

Get involved in Talk Like a Pirate Day by registering your school or workplace to dress up and raise funds on September 19. You can also make a donation at to Childhood Cancer Support at

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