Accused drug trafficker sacks barrister on sentencing day

A MACKAY man facing serious drug-trafficking charges has sacked his barrister on the day he was meant to be sentenced.

Troy Dennis Browning faced Brisbane Supreme Court on Monday over drug-trafficking and possession charges stemming from 2012.

However, the court heard Browning had decided to sack his legal aid barrister last week and he was seeking additional time to engage new legal representation.

Justice Debra Mullins was less than impressed, but gave Browning a reprieve to seek legal representation.

"This matter should have been dealt with," she said.

"However, it is your legal right to seek new counsel.

"But, you will not be given any leeway by the courts by choosing to do so."

Earlier, the court heard the crown had decided to drop the initial charges against Browning after his previous barrister had negotiated an agreement with prosecutors.

Under the new agreement Browning is facing drug trafficking charges for his dealings between February 28 and May 8, 2012.

Initially he was charged with drug trafficking over a six-month period.

Browning, who was not required to enter a plea, is due in court again on March 14.

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