Accused hit and runner ‘never imagined’ she’d be in court

JOANNE Marie McCauley "never imagined" telling a man she'd run down a cyclist would result in him talking to the police.

Ms McCauley told the Brisbane Coroner's Court on Thursday she had told the story of running down Chinese national Shui Ki Chan "hundreds of times" - but never thought the man she told would tell the police. Instead, she thought he would flee town.

Coroner John Hutton is investigating Mr Chan's death on the Warrego Highway near Gatton.

The court has heard a car struck the Chinese national as he was cycling along the highway on August 23, 2012.

Ms McCauley has admitted to telling a man she ran the cyclist down in a fit of anger after he would not pull over and flipped her the finger as she passed.

But she claims she only told the man as she had heard he was a child rapist and wanted to scare him off.

"I never dreamt in a million years he would go to the police with it," she said.

"I thought he would just leave town. I never thought I would end up here today."

She said she had told the story to the man while her children were with her - but insisted she had later made sure the children knew it was just a story.

"The more people I told (the story to) in front of (the man), the more I thought he'd believe me and go back to Tasmania," she told the court.

She said she had continued to build on the story as she repeatedly told it - but only told it around the man she was trying to scare off.

"I told the story 100 times or so. So many times I can't remember how many. Every time I told the story (the man) was always there," she said.

The inquest continues. - ARM NEWSDESK

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