Jake Thomas Patterson, 21, has been charged with two counts of murder for fatally shooting 13-year-old Jayme Closs’s parents in their home before holding the girl captive in a wooded cabin for three months. Picture: HO/Barron County Sheriff's Department/AFP
Jake Thomas Patterson, 21, has been charged with two counts of murder for fatally shooting 13-year-old Jayme Closs’s parents in their home before holding the girl captive in a wooded cabin for three months. Picture: HO/Barron County Sheriff's Department/AFP

‘Really pissed’: Kidnapper’s sick note

A MAN accused of kidnapping a 13-year-old girl and murdering her parents has written a chilling note confessing his crimes, criticising police and saying he committed his sickening crimes "mostly on impulse".

Jake Patterson is accused of kidnapping teenager Jayme Closs from her home in Barron Wisconsin, after murdering her parents, James and Denise Closs, by shooting them in front of her in October last year.

Patterson is now believed to have sent a letter to Lou Raguse, a reporter from KARE 11 Local News. Mr Raguse had contacted Patterson with a number of questions about the case and his motive.

Patterson stalked Jayme after seeing her boarding a school bus in October and drove his car to her home multiple times before eventually entering the Closs residence on October 15.

Patterson entered the home by blowing in the door with a shot gun, then shot father James Closs. Jayme and her mother had barricaded themselves in the bathroom, while Jayme's mother tried to call 911.

Patterson instructed Jayme's mother to hang up the phone and tape her daughter's mouth before shooting her in front of Jayme.

After he'd killed both her parents he abducted Jayme, taking her in his car boot to his home in a sparsely populated town in Wisconsin.

For 88 days he kept her imprisoned in his home and she was beaten with objects if Patterson thought she was trying to escape. She said she was told more "bad things" would happen to her if she did not comply with his rules.

The letters, which local Wisconsin authorities have told KARE they believe the letter to be authentic, seems to express a mixture of regret and shock about the crimes.

The note is conversational, opening up with, "Hi, IDK if I'll actually send this. I'll answer some of your questions, some I can't(?) (PEN SCRIBBLE REDACTION) I won't put a lot of details anyways."

The reporter first asked Patterson why he confessed, and in such great detail.

"I knew when I was caught (which I thought would happen a lot sooner) I wouldn't fight anything.

"I tried to give them everything, (PEN SCRIBBLE REDACTION) (wasn't completely honest) so they didn't have to interview Jayme.

"They did anyways and hurt her more for no reason."

"(I plan to) plead guilty. I want Jayme and her relatives to know that.

Patterson then said his reasons for kidnapping Jayme weren't black and white and said he was in disbelief about what he'd done. He had "huge amounts" of regret. He would not say what his long term plan was.

"It was really stupid though looking back," he wrote.

"No one knew," he said, when asked about keeping Jayme in his home.

"My dad only came on Saturdays, the same time every day. So it was a routine. Jayme hides on (Saturday). [PEN SCRIBBLE REDACTION]

"My family respects privacy so no one even went in my room."

Patterson said he followed news coverage of the kidnapping on his phone but tried to conceal it from Jayme, turning off the TV when coverage of the case came up.



Patterson, who turned up to the Closs home in a ski mask with gun casings wiped clean, and gloves, has dismissed the idea that his acts were planned in great detail, saying, "The cops say I planned this thoroughly, and that I said that.

"They're really good at twisting your words around, put them in different spots, straight up lie. Little mad about that.

"Trying to cover up their mistakes I guess. This was mostly on impulse.

"I don't think like a serial killer," he insisted.

Patterson also seems to have a level of distrust for law enforcement, who he claims are "Trying to cover up their mistakes".

Patterson said when he decided to carry out the kidnapping he was "really pissed".

"At the time I was really pissed. I didn't "want" to. The reason I did this is complicated.

"No one will believe or can even imagine how sorry I am for hurting Jayme this much. Can't express it," Patterson wrote, along with an apology written in bubble letters.

A full transcript of the letter is available on the news station's website.

Patterson's charges include two charges of intentional homicide and a charge of kidnapping and burglary. He sent the letter from Polk County Jail in Wisconsin, where his bail is set at US $5 million.

Jayme was able to escape from Patterson's house after he told her he was leaving the house, when she was told to get under his bed, according to a criminal complaint filed against Patterson.

He would regularly pack bags and laundry weighed down with weights and barbells around the bed so she couldn't get out, and play loud music in the room so nobody could hear her.

When he left the house she was able to push away the heavy, weighted bags and bins he had placed around the bed to trap her.

She put on a pair of Patterson's dirty New Balance trainers and made a break into the Wisconsin wilderness.

Jayme emerged from the woods and approached a local dog walker, Jeanne Nutter, saying, "I'm Jayme Closs!"

Ms Nutter described Jayme's condition as "skinny and dirty but outwardly OK", saying her hair was matted.

Police were able to locate Mr Patterson shortly after Jayme was found by her descriptions of his car.

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