Fugitive Rodney Clavell found dead inside Adelaide brothel

FUGITIVE Rodney Clavell has been found dead inside the Adelaide brothel where he held four women hostage for more than nine hours today.

South Australia's police minister confirmed the body of the state's most wanted man was discovered soon after hostages were released this afternoon.

Throughout the siege police used the media to plead with Clavell to speak with them but it is not yet clear whether he ever made contact.

Public transport services are resuming but the streets surrounding the business remain in lockdown.

Clavell had been on the run for two weeks, wanted on firearm and driving offences.

Police are expected to address the media at 4pm.


Hostages released in Adelaide CBD siege

A DANGEROUS fugitive is holed up with several "innocent" people in an escort agency in central Adelaide, and part of the CBD was locked down at 1am today.

However, it has been reported that in the last few minutes four female hostages have been released.

A manhunt for South Australia's most wanted man, Rodney Clavell led police to swoop on the building on King William Street after being tipped off that Clavell was inside.

He is described by police as violent and dangerous, and has been on the run since May 22.

Clavell is believed to be armed and has had a history of violence and heavy drug use, to surrender amid fears the stand-off could escalate.

Police say they want to end the standoff peacefully.


Adelaide fugitive with hostages in police stand-off

HEAVILY armed police remain at a standoff with wanted South Australian fugitive Rodney Clavell, who is believed to be holding several people hostage at an Adelaide escort agency.

Much of the CBD has been in lock-down and public transport suspended since an emergency situation was declared in the early hours of this morning.

The Advertiser reports a close associate of Clavell has warned he "knows he won't survive this alive today" and will shoot police if necessary.

Police have confirmed Clavell, 46, has been wanted for the past two weeks over firearm breaches and driving offences.

Few details have been released about the number of people who are being held.

Negotiators have been at the scene for more than nine hours.

Despite Clavell's history of violent confrontations with police, Adelaide police Superintendent Peter Harvey remains confident the tense situation can be resolved "peacefully".

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