Joan and Brian Haydon are regulars at the gym.
Joan and Brian Haydon are regulars at the gym. Emma Channon

Age no barrier for power couple

THEY lift weights as heavy as fellow classmates and throw punches just as big, yet Joan and Brian Haydon are not your average gym junkies.

The Warwick pair have been exercise lovers for much of their life, and say they aren't prepared to let a simple number - their ages - get in the way.

Mrs Haydon celebrated her 77th birthday this year, while Mr Haydon is set to turn 81 in December - and neither is showing signs of slowing down.

"Joan has done a lot of running and I've done cycling, sailing and running," Mr Haydon said.

Every Friday the pair can be found at Feelgood Fitness for their weekly power class. Mrs Haydon also participates in pilates and said she'd like to see more men giving it a go.

The only barrier has been Mrs Hadyon's osteoporosis in her knee, which sees her opt out of any cycling activities.

Both have completed marathons - Joan winning a silver medal in her age division when she was 50 and Brian having reached an amazing personal best of two hours and 56 minutes. Mr Haydon is also a previous Australian champion for cycling.

Surprisingly, the pair didn't meet through their love of sport. Instead, it was car troubles that bought Brian to Joan's front door more than 60 years ago.

"He had a punctured tyre and pulled over outside my house," Mrs Haydon said. "I was only 15 at the time but this December we'll be married 60 years."

The pair had a business in Sydney and, while they lived there, competed in many City to Surf half-marathons.

Now, they have three children, seven grandchildren and more recently, one great-granddaughter.

"She's called Brianna, after Brian," Mrs Haydon said.

Gym instructor Gina Noble, who regularly takes the pair through their paces in power class each Friday, said they were an inspiration.

"When I see them I think I just want to be like them when I'm that age," she said.

"They keep up with everyone else and do the same things."

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