LIKE a good wine, Alan Davis is getting better with age.

Not content with running, surfing and swimming to keep fit, Mr Davis took up boxing at 71.

He is a regular at Craig Hill's Caloundra City Boxing gym twice a week.

Mr Davis, now 73, said the boxing had improved his fitness.

"When I started it, I realised this is some of the hardest training I've done in my life," he said.

"It's not half an hour, it's an hour-and-a-half.

"But you feel good. The endorphins are released in your brain. You don't feel relaxed but you feel spent."

Mr Davis, of Pelican Waters, has been interested in boxing since he was a kid and his father took him to watch at a stadium in Brisbane.

Working and raising a family did not leave much time for exercise, but Mr Davis has made an effort to look after himself with regular exercise since he retired and that progressed to boxing.

"It's always something I've been interested in but I never followed through with it until I came to Caloundra," he said.

SUPERFIT: Alan Davis, 73, boxes to keep fit and healthy. He also runs, swims, and surfs.
SUPERFIT: Alan Davis, 73, boxes to keep fit and healthy. He also runs, swims, and surfs. Warren Lynam

He credits the Sunshine Coast lifestyle with inspiring his interest in fitness.

He does one or sometimes two exercise sessions four days a week, whether it be walking, surfing or swimming at the beach or a boxing session at the gym.

"Tuesday morning is gym, Wednesdays is beach, Wednesday night is gym, Thursday morning is beach, Friday morning is beach, Friday night is gym," he said.

Mr Hill said Mr Davis' exercise regime was paying off.

"He looks quite well for a man of his age," Mr Hill said.

Mr Davis is not content with boxing just to improve his fitness, though.

He has been honing his skills and, after having had a couple of goes at sparring, wants to try more. He just has to talk the coach into it.

"Craig is not quite convinced yet," he said.

"As you get older, you're slower. That's the reality of life.

"He's probably worried I'll get injured. But the boys take it easy on me."

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