Sleep-deprived man damages shop alarm

AFTER six hours of trying to sleep with a security alarm wailing next door, Timothy Clifford Ashby took matters into his own hands.

Ashby pleaded guilty to one charge of wilful damage in the Mackay Magistrates Court yesterday.

Prosecutor Bimal Raut said on September 27 a Target employee was notified that the alarm at one of the company's storage sheds had been activated.

Mr Raut said the employee drove to the shed and saw Ashby climbing down a ladder near where the alarm was attached.

The employee noticed the alarm box had been removed and damaged, he said.

Mr Raut said Ashby told the employee that if the alarm went off again he'd "break everything" inside the shed.

He said the employee recognised Ashby from previous encounters they'd had when the alarm had been activated in the past.

Defence solicitor Chris Schrader said the alarm had been activated on and off for two days prior to the incident.

Mr Schrader said Ashby had spoken to the Target employee about the alarm in the past.

He said the alarm had been wailing for six hours when Ashby decided he'd "had enough of it".

"He hadn't slept … he had to work the next day," he said.

Magistrate Ross Risson fined Ashby $100 and ordered that he pay $1221 in compensation for the damaged alarm system to Target.

"Whilst I can accept … how annoying and frustrating (it is) … maybe you should have contacted the police … rather than helping yourself."

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