Style: Gold brings glamour to a home, but less is more

Gold is synonymous with wealth, but too much and it’s Trump-like. Peking Gold Quilt Cover Set by Grand Atelier $52.20, Bedding Square.
Gold is synonymous with wealth, but too much and it’s Trump-like. Peking Gold Quilt Cover Set by Grand Atelier $52.20, Bedding Square. Photo Contributed

WHAT could be more glamorous than adorning your home with a stylish splash of gold? The shimmering metallic colour has made a huge design impact, not only in decorative objects but also in large-scale furnishings, wallpapers and even bed linen.

The thing that's great about introducing gold to your home is you only require one great piece, so the upside is that you don't have to spend too much to achieve a desired effect. But, like anything, buy the best your budget can afford. For instance, a genuine gold gilt mirror frame will always be more pleasing than a cheap replica.

Plus, with its sunny colour, a gold-highlighted chair or lamp or a scattering of gold cutlery will make rooms feel infinitely warmer and uplifting.

This look isn't restricted to interiors and works almost anywhere. Whether it's gold pots for the garden, an inflatable gold swan for the pool, where there is gold there is glamour.

There are now stylish half gold light globes on the market for minimalist lovers, perfect in a hanging pendant light. And if you want to DIY your gold luxe effect, you can spray paint a pot, gold wallpaper a plain vase, or add gold studs to your upholstered furniture (gold studded bedheads look stunning).

If there's one piece of advice that's worth its weight in gold it is avoid blitzing the house and going all bling. All you'll achieve is that tawdry Trump Hotel lobby effect when you're really aiming to accent your space tastefully.

I haven't seen a stronger influence in contemporary interiors than the gold highlight and it doesn't seem to be leaving anytime soon.

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