INTERNET-famous echidna 'Biddy' has been released back into the bush after she was found close to death in May.

A video of Biddy having an antiseptic bath while recovering from deep gashes, believed to be caused by a grass slasher, went viral four months ago.

The female echidna was found severely injured by Bidwill woman Susan Wendland in her backyard.

"It was midnight and I heard the dogs barking about something so I went out to have a look," Ms Wendland said.

"When I saw her (Biddy) I thought she was dead, so I nudged her with my foot and her spines started moving."

Ms Wendland wrapped Biddy up in a blanket and contacted Natalie Richardson from Wildlife Rescue Fraser Coast who organised the marsupial's immediate care and recovery.

The famous video, which was taken at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital and shared across Australia, captured part of the native animal's recovery after she was injured.

While releasing Biddy back into the scrub on Wednesday, Ms Richardson said the echidna had come a long way and was lucky to be alive.

"She was lucky to have been found when she was," Ms Richardson said.

"Her chances are good now; she's quite resilient and has come a long way from where she was."

While the marsupial's spines are still damaged, Ms Richardson said they would grow out in time.

She said echidna breeding season was about to start, so people could expect to see them more near roads for the next few months.

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