Ambos vent on Facebook page

AMBULANCE officers frustrated by the long wait times at hospitals to offload patients have taken to Facebook to vent.

The "Ramping QAS at QLD Hospitals" page contains photos and personal accounts of ambulances waiting outside Queensland hospitals.

Ramping occurs when patients are forced to wait on an ambulance stretcher in a hospital corridor before being admitted into the Emergency Department

During ramping, ambulance officers are unable to leave the hospital and respond to ambulance cases, and in some cases ambulances have been "ramped" for up to six hours at a time.

There is little written on the Facebook page about Nambour General Hospital, but the problems at its transfer hospitals in Brisbane are often mentioned.

One post states "Sources advise: the bypass put every Northside hospital on capacity and ramped at Royal Brisbane Hospital for two plus hours."

This morning the page had more than 400 "likes".

The creator of the page said the information gathered would be sent to Health Minister Geoff Wilson as proof of the ramping problem.

Ambulances officers are encouraged to email the creator who will post on their behalf to provide a "barrier from the vexatious nature of Queensland Health and the pressure that may be applied from Queensland Ambulance Service."

The Daily is awaiting response from Queensland Health.

But Queensland Health's acting director-general Dr Tony O'Connell told ABC radio this morning that some of the photograph featured empty ambulances waiting to transfer patients to other hospitals.

"There will be times when there are surges in demand when a number of ambulances arrive at the same time but our emergency departments are very efficient in turning over ambulances."

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