BURGLAR ARRESTED: Gemfields police work with residents to bring in thief.
BURGLAR ARRESTED: Gemfields police work with residents to bring in thief. Zizi Averill

Anakie burglar in custody

At about 4.45am on Thursday 13 June 2019, a Sapphire resident awoke to find an intruder roaming inside his home. 

The offender, a 48-year-old visitor to the Gemfields, was ransacking the house. 

He also stole keys to the man's car, that was parked in the yard. 

The offender then unlocked the car and placed the stolen property inside, before driving away.

The man left house and called out to his son, who lived nearby. 

The two then ran to a second car followed the offender, while calling Police. 

The offender drove south, towards the Capricorn Highway and down the Anakie Sapphire Road, before being forced to stop. 

He exited the car and was confronted by the two Sapphire men, who negotiated with him while waiting for Police. 

An Officer from Anakie Station arrived a short time later and took the offender into custody.

Police later required the offender to submit to a breath test which revealed that he was over the legal limit for driving. 

Subsequent investigations revealed that the offender had committed a burglary of another household earlier that morning. 

He was found in possession of property which had been taken from both households.

The offender was held in custody before being charged with Burglary (2 counts), unlawful use of a motor vehicle, breach of bail, driving while over the general alcohol limit and three traffic offences.

Officers at Anakie Station wish to thank the residents of the Gemfields for their ongoing assistance in stopping property crime in the area. 

In particular, we would like to acknowledge the efforts by the two men from Sapphire for their assistance to Police in difficult circumstances. 

Residents are encouraged to report suspicious activity in order to help identify persons involved in crime.

Anakie Police would like to remind members of the public to secure your homes as much as possible. Valuables should be kept in a safe place at all times and cars should be always locked when unattended.

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