Ancient art raises eyebrows

Fariba Jaberi “threads” fine hairs from a customer’s face.
Fariba Jaberi “threads” fine hairs from a customer’s face. Nicholas Falconer

AS I sit in the chair at the salon to get my eyebrows threaded, I am apprehensive to say the least. The name of the process leads me to expect a needle and thread and a whole lot of pain.

Having never even had my eyebrows waxed before, I am slightly anxious.

But threading, I am soon to discover, is actually a technique using a piece of string to remove fine hairs from the face.

It is a technique which originated in the Middle East and has recently become popular in the West.

Fariba Jaberi has used the technique since she was 14 and is one of only a couple of beauticians to employ this form of hair removal on the Sunshine Coast.

It is a technique which is largely used in Persian culture, the mother culture of Fariba's family.

Growing up in Dubai, she learnt the technique from her mother and aunts. Fariba and her family moved to Australia when she was 13, and after finishing school, she attended the Sydney College of Nails and Beauty.

But what set her apart from her fellow beauticians was her ability to create perfectly shaped eyebrows with a piece of string.

"It's not something you can really learn," she said.

"It's sort of a cultural thing, but more than anything, I grew up doing it, and I had to learn how to co-ordinate the action of doing it. It can take years to learn."

Fariba said the benefits were that the process was less harsh on the skin and pulled out the finest of hairs which waxing may miss.

"With this technique, I can get all the tiny little hairs," she said.

"And because I am not pulling your skin, like waxing, it doesn't cause wrinkles, which waxing can."

To perform threading, Fariba places a small amount of baby powder around the eyebrow before using a string tied around her neck to remove the hair.

Although feeling slightly unsure about the whole thing, I indeed found threading to be less painful than I was expecting.

It does sting a little, but the pain goes away just as fast as it comes.

And as the saying goes, if there's no pain, there's no gain.

Fariba is at Beach Cuts Salon in Mooloolaba on the corner of Brisbane Road and the Esplanade.



  • Threading is an ancient and artistic form of facial-hair removal originating in the Middle East.
  • Threading is 100% natural and uses a twisted sterile cotton thread to entwine and remove hair from the follicle.
  • It can be used to remove hair from the entire face including the chin, upper lip, side burns and, of course, for eyebrow shaping.
  • Unlike other techniques such as waxing, threading does not require harsh chemicals or hot wax and will not burn, tear or stretch the skin.
  • Clients the process is far less painful and produces less redness than waxing.

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