Angry Bali Nine mum says AFP has 'blood on its hands'

THE Sunshine Coast mother of one of the Bali Nine says she has been 'shattered' by news of the executions of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran.

"I'm a little a bit numb,'' Vicki Czugaj said.

"I can't explain it.

"I'm pretty distressed actually.

"I don't know how the kids in Bali will be feeling and those poor families over there.''

BALI NINE: Special coverage

Mrs Czugaj says she remains angry that the Australian Federal Police allowed her son Michael and the other eight to be caught and dealt with in Indonesia, rather than being intercepted in Australia.

"Yes I am angry.

"These kids, of course they did something wrong, but they have should never been put in that situation.

"None of this would be happening."

"I think it is the AFP which has blood on its hand.''


Michael was one of nine Australians found guilty of attempting to traffic 8kg of heroin, with an estimated street value of $4 million, from Indonesia.

She said she had spoken to Michael last week and he had a feeling the executions were about to happen.

Mrs Czugaj told Sunshine Coast radio station 92.7 Mix FM that the Bali Nine were close after living together in prison for 10 years.

Mr Sukamaran, she said, had been a supporter of those doing it tough.

"There was a time when Myuran helped Michael through a bad patch.''

She said her son had been considering an appeal but was unlikely to do so now given his fear that he could end up with a worse sentence.

"It's all of a bit of standstill.''

She said her son, who had previously battled a heroin addiction in jail, was struggling to deal with his life behind bars.

"There are times when he struggles to deal with it.

"Other times he is on top of it.''

"I don't really think he will be handling this situation very well at all.''

Mrs Czugaj did not want to be drawn on calls for a boycott of Bali to punish Indonesia for the executions.

She said the Balinese were beautiful people, and relied heavily on Australia for tourism.

She said they should not be punished.

However, she had no sympathy for the corruption in the judiciary and the tough sentence of Indonesia's president Joko Widodo

"This president now just wants to make a name for himself. "

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