Anna Bligh doesn’t even rate a mention in this current ALP webpage.
Anna Bligh doesn’t even rate a mention in this current ALP webpage. Contributed

Bligh missing from ALP website

PREMIER Anna Bligh appears to be have been dumped from her party’s own website as the Queensland branch of the ALP distances itself from the unpopular premier.

She has stood in front of media across the country, drawing attention to swamped cities across the state, but the Labor site hides any mention of her.

It is an obvious shift from how the state branch viewed Queensland’s first female Premier when she was elected in 2008. Her image was plastered across the party’s merchandise and websites.

A Galaxy poll published in November showed more than 70% of Queensland would vote against Ms Bligh at an election.

In 2008, there was a section on the website named “Strong Leadership” and a click delivered you the faces and a few paragraphs on Premier Anna Bligh and her deputy Paul Lucas. It is now gone.

For each piece of news sent out by the Bligh Government and published on the ALP’s homepage, her face smiled alongside.

Now there is a red box that reads “Queensland Labor” and only Prime Minister Julia Gillard and a federal building program merits the prestigious internet real estate.

There is even a page on the website titled “State Labor Achievements” and it outlines the work done by her predecessor Peter Beattie and even Wayne Goss who left office in 1996.

However, Ms Bligh’s name remains absent.

She is now given a small headshot image, the title of “State Member for South Brisbane” and mention of her premiership in small print beneath.

Ms Bligh is more prominent on the LNP website which includes a photograph edited so she is holding a “Sold” sign.

The Premier’s Office declined to comment, saying Ms Bligh had no control over the branch site.

University of Sunshine Coast lecturer in politics, Bronwyn Stevens, laughed as the ALP site was described to her, but said it appeared to be a “really poor strategy” from party insiders.

“If it’s that obvious (that Ms Bligh is missing), it draws attention to the fact her popularity has dwindled,” Ms Stevens said.

“It appears very strange.

“If it was a deliberate attempt to distance themselves from her, it draws attention to the fact she isn’t there.

“And considering Julia (Gillard) is not so popular in Queensland – many people consider that Kevin Rudd was stabbed in the back.

“I would have thought it was rather strange to not have any mention of her.”

Queensland Opposition leader John-Paul Langbroek, speaking from Emerald, said it was clear that Labor was trying to escape the taint of their state leader.

“Labor’s website reflects what their polling is telling them: that Queenslanders are tired of Anna Bligh’s lies and excuses,” Mr Langbroek said.

“It is now doing as much as it can to distance the party from their Premier who lied about the assets sales at the last election.”

The ALP state branch did not return calls, with the office staff on leave until next week.

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