Kasey O’Neill and Taylor Berry with an iPhone4 featuring Angry Gran – one of the popular games available for smart phones.
Kasey O’Neill and Taylor Berry with an iPhone4 featuring Angry Gran – one of the popular games available for smart phones. Sharyn Oneill Roksapp

Applying apps is the fun part

GIRLS just wanna have fun, but these days it seems the fun is had through mobile phones and their applications, or apps.

Recent survey results showed younger generations referring to the mobile phones of today as a "must have" accessory.

But it would seem it is the applications one can download that make smart phones such an essential part of their lives.

Kasey O'Neill has managed to cull her mobile phone addiction in recent times, after dropping her iPhone 4 in the toilet, fixing it and then realising she had more than 50 "apps" or applications to be used.

Her friend Taylor Berry wasn't as lucky as her phone simply broke and she hasn't replaced it.

The 17-year-olds both said they used game apps more than anything, but only next to facebook on their iPhones.

"I just liked to play the games when I had an iPhone," Miss Berry said.

Miss O'Neill listed Top Girl, Social Girl, Viber, paper toss, Bebe (a fashion store app), Ray-Ban iPhone app and TripAdvisor as some of the apps she liked.

"My favourite at the moment is Angry Gran," she said.

When looking for new apps, Miss O'Neill said she first looks at the Top 10 and then works her way down, or she looks up one someone has recently talked about.

But apps aren't just for the younger generations.

Many are designed for women on the go, those that like to shop online or simply want to watch what they eat, drink or how often they exercise.

And these days, books can be downloaded and read on a phone, including such classics as Bram Stoker's novel, Dracula.


Apps for women

Got a nagging partner who says you are constantly moody? Use the Mood Scanner app on yourself and your partner and prove just who is moody.

Period tracker apps - self explanatory

Shopping - there are many individual brand or stores that have phone apps, but for Android compatible phones, Nordstorm has access to more brands to buy

Also for the movie buffs, keep a hand held catalogue of your DVD collection. It's called Movie Collection and Inventory.

Instead of written shopping lists, which you lose easily, or still forget something on the list try Out of Milk an app on which you can create grocery lists and pantry lists.

Money management - if you're going to buy items online with your mobile phone, you'll need to budget and manage your money. 'My Credit Cards' or 'Easy Money' are two such apps.

Health nuts - from exercise logs to healthy recipes, there are apps galore for all. There is even one app called The Blood Type Diet, along with the Calorie Counter and Healthy Recipes apps.

Habit Streak - track your daily habits and see how much caffeine you consume, or cigarettes you smoke. Great if you want to lose weight, stop smoking or cut out other bad habits.

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