Gracie Forbes enjoys a cool glass of milk amid what has been described as an “unholy price war”.
Gracie Forbes enjoys a cool glass of milk amid what has been described as an “unholy price war”. Kerri Burns-Taylor

Are they milking it?

THE “unholy price war” being waged between supermarkets has escalated with claims the supermarkets are increasing the costs on other products to cover the discounted prices.

The Australian Dairy Farmers Association this week said current discounted milk prices were “unsustainable” and said the gap in prices was being recovered through other products.

One Warwick dairy farmer – who didn’t wish to be named – said the price war had impacted on his income and he believed the supermarkets could not maintain the prices.

“They’re getting people in the store with the cheap prices and then jacking up the price on other things,” he said.

The dairy farmer said the price he is paid for milk is directly linked to the amount of sales of branded milk and encouraged people to try to avoid succumbing to the temptations of the cheapest bottle.

Despite being a dollar or two easier on the wallet, the farmer said the supermarket brand was lower quality as well as hurtful to farmers.

“I would tell people to stay away from the supermarket brands,” he said.

Member for Southern Downs Lawrence Springborg said the hard work and dedication of dairy farms was being sacrificed in what he describes as an “unholy war”.

“I know consumers get torn, and a lot of people have to shop on a budget, but most of those people would love to support the established brands and I urge people to support it as much as they can,” he said.

“It’s just ridiculous, and the whole perspective of wholesome food is so out of whack when you get twice as much for the same bottle of water by volume.”

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