Argument between driver and police with no radar goes viral

UPDATE: The driver has updated his post to claim that his GPS didn't record his truck going over the speed limit. 

Quoted verbatim:

"To set the record straight, I just finished checking the speed on the truck via Tom Tom web fleet and not once did the truck go over the said speed limit, so all those people who are running me down the gps says I'm all good and the police officer is wrong, but thankyou anyway."

"Oh and he also has the truck rego wrong and the time of the offence is wrong on the ticket, he's out by 40 odd minutes"


SUNDAY: A DRIVER has recorded the argument after a police officer pulled him over for speeding despite the officer not using a radar or speedometer.

Facebook user Chris Smith posted the video of the argument where the police officer explains several times that he used 'estimations' to guess that the man filming had been speeding. 

The man in the video maintains throughout the video that he was not speeding. 

The officer also tells the man that a police officer in another car parked across the road agreed with him, but still admitted several times the situation was a case of "your word versus mine."

At one point the driver records what he claims is a defective tyre on the police cruiser, saying there are "wires hanging out" 

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