Broadmeadow EA rules out strikes

AS BMA faces the prospect of rolling stoppages across seven of its Bowen Basin operations over failure to strike a deal with the unions on a collective enterprise agreement, Fair Work Australia has approved a new Enterprise Agreement for its Broadmeadow mine.

The 2011 agreement struck between the CFMEU and mine management became operational last Thursday, rewarding workers with a $10,000 one-off bonus.

The EA gives Broadmeadow the right to stand down striking employees and backs the use of cheaper contract labour, part-time, casual or temporary employees on any form of work.

This being one of the price sticking points of the Single Bargaining Unit negotiations involving the CFMEU, AMWU and ETU on BMA’s remaining mine sites.

All employees will receive an annual pay increase of 5% for the three-year life of the agreement, with a first-year mine worker’s base salary set at $124,916.

Advanced miners start on $138,720, rising to $152,939 in their third year of employment. Experienced workers can command $79 an hour for working non-rostered hours, $10 more than a novice.

Lump sum payments between one and 1.5% of base salary are offered for rating four or five in personal performance and development reviews.

BMA is widely regarded as one of the coal industry’s highest paying employers, offering conditional $65,000 home assistance packages and hefty rental subsidies to its workforce.

The Broadmeadow mine also offers a bonus scheme paid on ROM tonnages achieved and metres cut in development each week.

“There is no limit on the amount of weekly bonus that can be earned,” the EA said.

Rosters with shifts up to 12.5 hours duration are based on an average 35 hours a week and are not to exceed 44 hours. An employee who suffers a work-related injury will have their workers compensation payments topped up to 100% of their total salary for the first 39 weeks.

Union representatives are not allowed to hold meetings with workers on site during shift without the prior permission of a department manager.

“Any meetings held on site will be at a place designated by management,” the EA said.

“The parties agree that monthly meetings may be held off site in non-rostered hours to capture all parties.”

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