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AUDIO CRAZE: 7 great podcasts to come out of Northern Rivers

PODCASTS offer a great way to use down time so that we might learn, connect and grow.

They have been dominating American airwaves for more than a decade but after bursting onto the Australian scene over the past few years, they continue to gain popularity with more than a million Australians now downloading audio or video podcasts every month.

Out of the craze has come some great podcasts from our very own backyard.

Here are seven podcasts spanning multiple genres, recorded right here on the Northern Rivers.

Know of any others? Email any we've missed.

1. One Wild Ride Podcast

Personal Adventures. Positive Impact. Good Business.

The One Wild Ride Podcast has returned for Season Two to share the personal stories behind the brands and movements that are positively shaping our future.

Feeling gripped by climate-change inaction, Pru Chapman (Owners Collective) decided it was time to re-empower individuals, by showcasing the opportunities we have every day to positively impact our future.

"The One Wild Ride podcast was born to provide a refreshing and uplifting approach to our climate emergency by sharing the stories behind the brands and movements that are actioning positive change.

"Led by passionate individuals, these businesses have the power to change the world, but only if we, as everyday consumers get behind them."

Ms Chapman dives deep into the motivators that inspired these individuals to launch companies/movements, uncovering the shared values we all hold.

Past guests included: Who Gives A Crap, TOM Organic, Stone and Wood, Lunch Lady, Delta Kay (Aboriginal Elder), Ethical Made Easy, Smack Band Designs, Verve Super, Clean Coast Collective, and many more.

Season Two sees more incredibly inspiring and action-taking folk including Outland Denim, Salt Gypsy, and Allpress Espresso, to name a few.

2. Superfeast

Want to enhance performance, longevity, energy and radiance? Then dive in with us and learn why tonic herbal adaptogens have been used for millennia for this exact intention.

Tonic herbalist and health educator Mason Taylor explores the world of Tonic Herbalism in his podcast Superfeast.

With 43 episodes so far, dive into numerous interviews, and "explore the relevance of these ancient herbs and medicinal mushrooms in our modern culture of health to invigorate the body, restore organ health, create badass immunity and bring harmony to the hormones".

Some topics include: male and female hormones, ayurvedic healing, fertility, healthy living, yoga, herbs, massage, sustainability and of course, mushrooms.

Check it out on iTunes., sticher and spotify.

3. Authentic Sex

Juliet Allen is a Sexologist, Coach, Tantra Practitioner and host of the Authentic Sex podcast.

Authentic sex is a podcast about all-things sex, pleasure and relationships and is hosted by Australia's leading sexologist, Juliet Allen. With a reputation for her bold and straight-to-the-point manner, Juliet shares her expertise on sex and relationships, plus facilitates real-life conversations about sex with some of the world's leaders in the field of sexuality and relationships.

Find out more at www.juliet-allen.com

4. The Lighthouse

A missing tourist. A celebrity town. A search like no other. David Murray investigates the disappearance of backpacker Theo Hayez.

Eighteen-year-old missing Belgian backpacker, Theo Hayez, went missing in Byron Bay in May this year.

His disappearance sparked a group of volunteers who never met Theo to search the area for months on end, investigating with Theo's family, parallel to a major police investigation.

According to The Australian, at the request of Theo's family, their national crime correspondent, David Murray, joined the unofficial search party, investigating the mystery disappearance for the past three months for a new podcast series, The Lighthouse.

Episode one is titled Lost in Byron Bay.

5. Waterpeople

Community - ecology - surfing - activism - play.

The Waterpeople Podcast, is a gathering for the global ocean community to dive into the critical conversations of the culture - through storytelling.

Hosts Lauren Hill and Dave Rastovich help share stories from diverse voices within surfing culture - and from all kinds of waterpeople - from around the world.

They begin each episode with a simple question: "Tell us about a time or experience after which you were never the same...".

They interview "adept waterpeople" and cover themes such as ecology, adventure, community, activism, science, egalitarianism, inclusivity, meaningful play. And surfing, of course.

6. Jules Galloway Naturopath

Jules Galloway Podcast topics include hormones, breathing, health disorders, fertility, sexual health, relationships, disease, burnout, food and healthy lifestyles, and more.

Jules Galloway is a qualified naturopath and functional medicine practitioner.

She specialising in helping women with fatigue and burnout to regain their health and improve their energy levels.

Upon moving to the Northern Rivers Ms Galloway started an online business five years ago where she sees clients via Skype, and she runs a blog, podcast and online programs.

She is a qualified naturopath with almost 15 years experience and earlier this year, with her partner, opened a dispensary in Byron Bay.

7. The Palmcast

Inspiring stories and conversations with people who are using their voice, their passion and their hearts to create a kinder world.

Episode one of The Palmcast launched last month and is a collaboration between Byron Bay coworking studio, The Corner Palm, and purposeful production house, Yaga.

The series is created in Byron Bay, focussing on good business, life, and nature. It brings some of the best thinkers in Byron and beyond together in the one place.

Five episodes have been released and topics include nature, art, growth, circular, birthing on country.

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