The road rules quiz driving Aussies crazy


An online quiz posted on social media has been driving Aussie motorists crazy trying to figure out the right answer.

The Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ) posted a diagram to their Facebook page showing four cars on a road and asked the seemingly simple question of: "In which order should these cars go?"

The diagram shows a blue, yellow, red and orange car on a section of road, along with arrows indicating where each vehicle intends to go.

Have a look at the picture and see if you can figure it out; we will include the correct answer below.

Can you figure out the order in which these cars should go? Picture: RACQ
Can you figure out the order in which these cars should go? Picture: RACQ

The blue car wants to go straight forward and will have to cross over broken lines to do so.

The yellow car intends to follow the road around to the right, which will mean it is crossing over the intended path of the blue car.

The red car is on a give way sign and wants to turn right, which will take it in front of the path of the yellow car.

There is also an orange car waiting behind the red car.

At first glance it looks like a regular T-intersection, but the road markings indicate it is a bit different, which meant many social media users couldn't agree on who had right of way.

Many users were insistent that the blue car should go first, followed by yellow, red and then orange.

"Blue, yellow then red. If you're travelling on a road that ends in a T intersection, and you are making a turn, you must give way to all traffic that is travelling 'through' on the road," one Facebook user said.

A vast amount of people agreed with this line of thought, claiming cars "turning into oncoming traffic cars must give way unless signed otherwise."

Many drivers were left confused by the markings on the intersection. Picture: Daniel Pockett
Many drivers were left confused by the markings on the intersection. Picture: Daniel Pockett

But there were others who strongly disagreed with this reasoning, with the other most popular answer being: yellow, blue, red and orange.

"Yellow they cross no lines, then blue because red and orange have a give way sign," one user wrote.

Another said this was clearly the correct order if you "follow the road markings and signage".

"Anyone saying blue first you've just injured or kill someone and should be ashamed of yourself," one person said.

One added: "Anyone who said blue first, please hand your licence in. Crashes happen because of people like you!"

Some people didn't agree with either response, with one person confidently stating the correct order would be "blue, red, orange and then yellow".


After a few hours of people arguing over who was right, the RACQ finally revealed the correct order: Yellow, blue, red, orange.

"The give way sign at this intersection makes the path the yellow vehicle is on the continuing road, which curves to the right," they explained.

"The red and orange vehicles are facing a give way sign and must give way to all other traffic.

"Therefore the yellow vehicle goes first, the blue vehicle goes second as it is effectively turning right off the continuing road and the red and orange vehicles follow."

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