Australian Embassy will not help you fix your jet ski

THEY won't fix your jet ski or pay for your prostitute in Thailand.   Australian embassies and consulates are fed-up with Aussie travellers making ridiculous requests while adventuring abroad.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop is now pushing for more "self-reliance and personal responsibility" for those wishing to spend some time away from their homeland.

Those who find themselves always in trouble may be left to fend for themselves. They may be asked to pay.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop
Foreign Minister Julie Bishop AAP Image - Stefan Postles

Ms Bishop described some of the requests refused by international embassies.

"Our consular staff are not there to pay for the repairs to your jet ski; they're not there to pay your hotel bill; they're not there to lend you a laptop or to provide you with office space in the embassy for you to do your work," Ms Bishop said.

Our embassies in Los Angeles, Bali, Manila and Dubai are known to be frequently contacted with bizarre calls for help.

Associated Press reports up to 20% of emergency loans given by consular offices are never repaid, according to one official.

Last year, more than 7.6 million Australians travelled overseas.

Australians overseas: You want money for what?!

Aussie travellers are in the crosshairs for making ridiculous requests to our embassies and consulates.

Here is what has been asked for:

  • Money to repair jet ski
  • Help to pay hotel bill
  • To borrow a laptop
  • Office space in the embassy so they could work
  • Help to avoid a speeding fine.
  • Frequent flyer miles when being evacuated from Egypt on an emergency, chartered flight
  • First-class seats when being flown out of SE Asia following 2004 tsunami
  • Help removing 'polecat' from roof

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