Australian golfer Robert Allenby talks to Sunrise following his abduction and robbery in Hawaii.
Australian golfer Robert Allenby talks to Sunrise following his abduction and robbery in Hawaii.

Robert Allenby tells: Kidnapping felt like movie 'Taken'

GOLFER Robert Allenby has told of his kidnapping ordeal, saying it was like a scene from the abduction action movie trilogy 'Taken'.

Allenby was kidnapped from a Honolulu bar on Friday night, beaten, robbed, stuffed into the boot of a car then dumped in an desolate sidestreet.

It was now unlikely he would play in this week's PGA event.

A scene from Taken, with Liam Neeson
A scene from Taken, with Liam Neeson

He told Sunrise on Channel 7 he had been having dinner with a buddy when he went to the bathroom after they had finished their meals.

On his return, he was told his friend had headed downstairs and was waiting.

Once downstairs, Mr Allenby said he "was knocked unconscious straight away".

"I walked around a corner and bang," he said.

"Next minute I was thrown out of the boot of a car, on to a side street.

"It was a homeless person who told me that, otherwise I would never have known."

He credits that homeless woman with saving his life.

Surveillance cameras from the restaurant and bar showed up to five men surrounding the golfer before the abduction.

Mr Allenby said he remembers almost nothing from after the ordeal started.

When asked if he thought he might have been a target, the famed Australian said people made "a lot of fuss" when he was dining.

"That maybe drew some attention from someone," he said.

He said he tries to be aware of his surroundings, not going to nightclubs or risky parts of town.

"I try to stick to the classy areas, because you've got to be careful.

"I watched Taken quite a few times, it felt quite a bit the same as that.

"Very surreal."

His father Don, speaking to Sunrise from the Mornington Peninsula said the attack was "unbelievable".

Mr Allenby is due to return to Australia in coming days.



Australian golfer Robert Allenby kidnapped from Hawaiian bar

AUSTRALIAN golfer Robert Allenby was kidnapped from a bar in Honolulu on Friday night, beaten and robbed before being dumped about 10km from the abduction site.

Allenby was at a wine bar in Waikiki with his caddie and a close friend after missing the cut at the Sony Open.

The 43-year-old suffered facial injuries in the attack, was robbed of his money, credit cards and phone and then dumped in a park.

He was kidnapped, friend Anthony Puntoriero, who was with Allenby earlier in the night, confirmed.

"He's all right now but we are still talking to detectives," Puntoriero told AAP.

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