Avoid 'plank life' of crime

ANYONE caught planking in an unlawful, dangerous or destructive manner will be prosecuted by the full extent of the law, Emerald police have warned.

This stern statement followed reports of graffiti at Emerald State High School and Emerald Marist College on Wednesday night.

Emerald officer-in-charge Senior Sergeant Graeme Reeves said the graffiti confirmed police fears the growing fad would escalate and has appealed for anyone performing the act to do so with commonsense and caution.

“While young people having fun in a safe and sensible manner is one thing, it’s disturbing for police to see some people pushing the boundaries and taking it too far,” Snr Sgt Reeves said.

“Use your commonsense and be respectful of other people’s property.”

Police yesterday morning received reports of identical graffiti works in the undercover areas at the high school and Marist College depicting an obscene graphic with the words “plank life” written alongside it.

Snr Sgt Reeves said when the culprits were caught, they would be legally dealt with and charged with wilful damage.

“We will not tolerate graffiti in any way, shape or form,” he said.

“This town has suffered enough during the recent floods without any further vandalism and destruction.”

He said anyone caught trespassing on private property or interfering with other people’s property would be dealt with seriously.

The warning followed reports a 20-year-old male was put in an induced coma after an alleged planking attempt on a moving car in Inverell in northern New South Wales.

Three in their early 20s were also charged with public nuisance in Toowoomba on Tuesday night.

They were riding on top of a moving car in an act Queensland police alleged was planking.

The female driver, also 20, was charged with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and will appear in court next month.

Snr Sgt Reeves said the escalation and increased risks taken in the more recent planking events was worrying for police, and reiterated the call for people involved to be sensible and careful.

“Be warned, if you damage something while you are doing it (planking), you will be held liable for the damage,” he said.

Anyone with any information about the graffiti acts should contact Emerald police on 4983 8100 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 1800 333 000.

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